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Preparing yourself;


You will have a unique experience with SCHH© so it is important to leave any expectations behind as they can clutter your mind.


I will send out information to help you prepare. Please watch the video resources provided to help with visualisation skills, mindful preparation and the set up of your technology.


We will set an intention for your treatment based on what you hope to receive from your session. your intention invokes the Universe and your spirit team to ensure your journey in the Quantum field takes you where you need to go. When completing your questionnaire be generous with your answers so it is possible to help guide you through the process of providing an SCHH© session tailored to your needs. 

Prepare up to 10 questions to share with your higher self. The time available to complete these is dependant on how long is required for entity removal and past life regression. Prioritise your questions so the most important ones are answered first. 


Make sure the day of your session can be dedicated to YOU. Clear your diary and enjoy the experience you so deserve.

Have a light meal before the treatment to suppress any distracting pangs of hunger.Try to avoid stimulants such as caffeine prior to the session however if the negative effects of not having caffeine outweigh any advantage provided it is probably best to just minimise your input. 

Avoid alcohol or stimulants in the 24 hours prior to your session as it can affect your connection with the higher self and the flow of information available to you.

Give yourself plenty of opportunity to be organised and at ease, for example leading up to your session take a walk in nature, meditate, have a bath or soak with essential oils or do something you enjoy that will promote a relaxed state of mind in readiness for your treatment.


If there are any issues which have arisen since you completed your questionnaire or you have any burning requests or concerns, have those available to discuss at your pre-session chat. 

Take a last minute toilet break prior to commencement of therapy.

Prepare your environment and equipment; 

Ensure your space is peaceful and will not be disrupted by anyone or anything.Place your phone and computer on do not disturb and ensure notifications are silenced.

Test your headphones on the Zoom app prior to the session, use the video resource available to guide you in this process. Adjust headphones for comfort and ensure the microphone can be placed in front of the mouth.

Organise your computer or laptop so that it can be connected to the main power throughout the session, Zoom draws a fair amount of power, the last thing we want to happen is the power to fail at a crucial moment.

It is safest to ensure your computer is placed on a separate surface to that which you will be relaxing on as there is a possibility of uncontrolled movement during your hypnosis treatment. 

Pets should not be present in the treatment zone or room as they can become reactive or disruptive especially with any potential energy shifts which may occur during the session.

If there are others in the house please explain to them the need for peace and quiet and request that the microwave is not used whilst your treatment is in progress as this can affect the internet signal.


You may like to sage or cleanse your space before a session, please allow enough time for the environment to clear of smoke before your treatment starts.

If you desire, place any crystals, totems, comforters or blankets close at hand.

Make sure your bed/chair is comfortable and gives you good support.The treatment goes for 3-4 hrs and it is necessary for me to visualise your head, face and upper torso throughout the session. Ensure that lighting allows adequate visibility.


Ultimately this therapy will raise your vibration in the Quantum field and you will feel fabulous however you do need to be kind to yourself. Ensure the rest of your day is not madly busy and has a focus on taking it easy.Driving long distances or taking part in complex or energetic activities may be more than you want to deal with or can even manage at this time. Over the next few days your treatment continues as the energies integrate with your very being.Make sure you continue to drink plenty of water, avoid alcohol, stimulants or drugs and get adequate rest.


You will receive a video of your session, please take the time to watch this as it helps to further consolidate the healing therapy and you may be surprised at how much you don't remember from your session.


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