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As an SCHH© practitioner I can provide a service with true spiritual connection, one that is altruistic, compassionate and from my heart to yours.Once your emotional and energetic bodies have been given an overhaul your vibration will rise within the Quantum field making you feel lighter, healthier and more vibrant than you can ever remember.Take a look at the client feedback below and gain insight into the experience others have had and what you can look forward to. 

beautiful Soultree

If love is in your heart you will find your way home,



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Sue is very professional in her SCHH ©

Her beautiful nature is reassuring and comforting...and this took me on an incredible journey into areas of my life that I either revisited or I discovered something new! Special moment was when I connected with both my parents (who have passed over)

I can now go to that moment & reconnect with them & that is so special for me! From my heart...Bev



I am really grateful for the experience Sue provided with the SCHH© session. She was professional and caring with a genuine warmth delivered through every word, as well as just the right amount of humour to put me at ease. Although placed in a very vulnerable position in such a session, I felt safe in Sue's care.I was able to connect with my father who passed away several years ago; such a moving experience I will never forget. 



Throughout the entire session I felt wrapped in a cocoon of light and love. Your soothing and calming voice helped me to easily go into theta state and slip into the beautiful flow you created. The entitiy release was so interesting, you never know what's there & ready to be removed! It created space for me to journey and connect with myself at different ages from a higher perspective and receive the wisdomm that was shared. Thanks so much Sue, it was a wonderful experience

. Gail x





I had always wanted a hypnosis  experience, this was my first time and I did not know what to expect. Sue gave me links to go to so I was prepared on process & basic steps which made me feel safe & assisted me in my session. My experience was very relaxing & took me through past lives which reflected on the core of my everyday present life, experiences & patterns. This awareness can help break patterns that do not serve you in any way in this life. I am so grateful Sue was able to tap into this so moving forward in life one can feel free & create a new way of being. Thank you so much Sue for all your loving suport in this unique journey, Kim



danThis was the first time I have done any form of hypnosis & your methods & personality made me feel safe & comfortable throughout the session. Using zoom was new to me & it was like you were right beside me before I knew it information & visions were flowing effortlessly through me & I witnessed an aspect of my soul I have known was always there but never unraveled it until now.I got some answers to questions & insight to how my soul interacts with the universe that were truly next level. I can highly recommend SCHH© to anyone that wants to find healing & answers that our 3D world can't provide.



I was lucky enough to have a SCHH© session with Sue . I was open minded and excited about what might come up.I did not know what to expect as I'd had   hypnotherapy only once before many years ago. Sue's whole demeanor was so calming, loving and nurturing for the whole session. I felt extremely safe & supported & had great trust in Sue as the session unfolded.Sue was professional and centred and I really felt she treated myself and the people we met along the way with the utmost love and respect. I highly recommend anyone who is curious about SCHH© to join Sue in this wonderful experience.

Bridget xx

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