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Many thanks for choosing to complete a healing treatment with Soul Tree Solutions.

Once you have booked a date for your session you will receive some preliminary information and a questionnaire which will help me to get an overview of who you are, your situation and circumstances. Please can this be returned no later than 48 hours before your treatment, in fact the earlier the better.

You will also receive;

    An informative video about the Soul Centred Healing Hypnosis modality and what equipment you require to complete the Zoom session including access to a computer or laptop, set of headphones with a microphone that comes out in front of the mouth (think gaming type head phones see photo attached) a quiet space and good internet speed. It is essential that we are able to hear each other throughout this Quantum session and in a state of hypnosis ear pods or earphones with microphones on the headband cannot be relied upon as they fall out or get smothered by pillows etc.

    Links to follow on how to visualise for your treatment (if unsure of your own ability to visualise, practicing these exercises will help promote a more successful experience during hypnosis)

    A meditation to help you prepare your mind in the time leading up to your session.

    Information on how to prepare yourself and the space for your session on the day.

Please take your time to enjoy these resources to ensure a truly memorable adventure.


        On the Day of your session it is advisable to clear your diary. The last thing you want before or after a memorable and relaxing spiritual experience such as this is to be rushing around completing tasks. You will feel fabulous after your treatment but in the post hypnosis bliss you will not be in the right mindset to challenge your body or mind with anything too taxing.


The session will run for 3.5 to 4 hours so have something to eat beforehand. The first hour is spent connecting with each other to clarify and expand on information from the questionnaire. If there is anything specific you want to achieve from the session you need to make this known here if you haven’t done so before this time. Dependant on your needs and situation a session will be tailored to your requirements.


The next couple of hours is dedicated to relaxing your mind and body for hypnosis. Once relaxed we will use intuitive and spiritual guidance to scan your body and assess for any energetic or emotional blocks so they can be treated. Removal of such blocks has many advantages not least of which is to give you a higher vibrational starting point for progression into past life regression and connection with your spirit team or higher self. The Universe ensures that the past lives that come up for you during this session are what you need to see and will be explored under hypnosis to facilitate healing releasing any issues which may be influencing your current life.


The last part of the session is focused on the connection with the higher self. There will be an evaluation of the past lives experienced, final checks to isolate any further attachments for release, any further healing on any outstanding points can be completed here aswell, a full energetic overhaul with a chakra and auric field rebuild as required and time for answering the questions you prepared for the higher self.


 ​​       The treatment will end when you are gently brought back into normal brainwave state feeling fabulous and having an awareness of the wonderful journey travelled. We will discuss your experience in the universe of time and space before it is time to say goodbye.


The healing will continue over the next two or three days and maybe longer as the work carried out is allowed to integrate with your energetic body.


The session will be recorded and you will receive a copy of this within the next couple of days. Watching your session in replay can provide further healing and consolidates the work completed, you may be surprised at how much you didn't remember from your time in hypnosis.


       Please share your experience with friends and colleagues as everybody you come into contact with is affected positively by your own rise in vibration, this in turn raises the vibration of our collective Universe.


       Any referrals from your recommendation will secure you a discount for any future sessions.


   ​​    Please consider whether you will be happy for me to share the audio of your session on social media for other souls who have the potential to benefit from your example.Any recordings to be shared will be de-identified to protect your personal information.










headphones modelled by yours truly
example of recommended headphones

A set of headphones like this are available from Officeworks for between $25-30

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